I'm Pat Holden

Experienced researcher and entrepreneur

  • Age 35
  • Address 2730 N Lincoln Ave; Chicago, IL
  • E-mail pat@holdenchicago.com
  • Phone 734-323-0168
  • Researcher since March 2006

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Hello! I’m Pat Holden. I have been working in market research for over 10 years managing operations for some of our largest customer experience programs for global clients. In the process of designing and building large scale customer experience programs for the world’s leading brands, I have developed a multitude of skills including project/product management, sales/BD, finance/budgeting, team management, and perhaps most importantly an entrepreneurial drive. I am passionate about technology and when I am not at work, I love to build electronics. My current project is a fully functional, 1:1 scale R2-D2.

Professional Skills

Market Research 98%
Project Management 90%
Product Management 80%
Entrepreneurship 75%
Graphic Design 65%
Hardware/Electronics Design 60%


Holden’s Arcade

Hardware Design

3D Design

I taught myself (poorly) to use SketchUp in the design phase.  I have since switched to Fusion 360 as I am doing a lot of 3D printing with my files now. Regardless, it worked well enough for planning out my build.

Side Art

Graphic design for the side of the cabinet incorporating one of my favorite games, Galaga.

Control Panel

Design and layout for the control panel.

Real Life

The finished product.  It is made to roll out of storage and into the living room to plug into the entertainment center there.

PC Background

Of course I had to make background images for the PC to look cool while Hyperspin arcade is not running.




I love the juxtaposition of traditional and modern at the Louvre.


Great architectural details everywhere.


No trip to Paris is complete without a trip to wine country.



Under the Blossoms

While visiting Japan, we traveled to Kyoto during the peak of the cherry blossom festival. It was even more beautiful than I had pictured in my mind. The whole city was out to enjoy the wonderful trees, but we managed to find a quiet spot while in Nara Park.

View from high

We managed to hike quite far up over the city of Kyoto.  Looking back down, we could see the bright temples below.

Sake offering

In the temple area of Tokyo, sake producers send barrels as an offering to the gods.

Work Experience

2014 - Present



Manage a team implementing large scale, omni-channel customer experience programs along with the added research and analytics.


Let's Bev


Let's Bev is an online marketplace for unique party and entertaining items. Originally founded as a fun side project, we made it profitable within a year.

2012 - 2014


Sr. Account Manager

Skilled operations and marketing manager who drove very successful brand strategy changes including loyalty program rewards, hotel room configurations, and hotel amenities.


JPHolden Photography


Specializing in wedding, event, and travel photography. Additional revenue through print sales via Etsy.

2010 - 2012


SCPM Project Manager

Worked as part of a team that conceived project management standards that restructured negative margin projects, restoring profitability within six months and helped create the Strategic Client Program Management group to improve process efficiencies.

2007 - 2010


Project Manager

Transformed a 65 automotive dealership pilot program into a national program encompassing 1,200 dealerships for Toyota.

2006 - 2007


Customer Service Manager

Grew business from 60 to over 1,000 automobile dealerships in the U.S.

2004 - 2006


Financial Analyst

Private wealth management and estate planning for over 90 Fortune 500 company executives.


1999 - 2004

Bachelor of Arts: Economics

University of Michigan

My Businesses and Clients


  • Pat is our most reliable implementation lead and project manager. He has the rare ability to fully understand technology, SaaS solutions and work with our development team to drive projects to be on time and with high quality - at the same time he can communicate directly with clients and executives. Pat has shown his abilities in sales pitches as well. I always want Pat on my team!

    Chris Chowaniec Vice President, Customer Experience Solutions
  • Pat was very effective with clients and with internal employees. When he spoke, the room stopped and everyone listened carefully. Pat is smart, always polite, and always has the details worked out in advance. Whoever has him as an employee is extremely fortunate.

    Bob Williams Partner at Motormindz, Inc

My Interests

I am currently in the process of building a life sized, fully functional R2-D2. I am sourcing many aluminum parts from other builders, but have recently built a 3D printer to build hard to find parts. In the process, I am getting pretty good with Fusion 360, a great 3D modeling software, to design parts that have not been created via 3D printing yet. I am also learning a lot about electronics as the lights and servo controls need to be built from parts. So far, I have the dome wired up with led’s and have an mp3 trigger card to play R2-D2 sounds.

  • Electronics Design
  • Hardware Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Travel
  • Golf
  • Boating

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